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27/11/2014 - 
IBGE releases maps of Tocantins state with a scale of 1:100,000
IBGE released today, November 27, 2014, the maps of the state of Tocantins...
27/11/2014 - 
Producer Price Index (IPP) increases 0.67% in October
In October, the Producer Price Index (IPP) changed 0.67% compared with the previous month...
26/11/2014 - 
PEAS 2013: 67.8% of non-profit private social assistance entities assist families
Brazil has 14,791 entities of this nature, according to the Survey of Non-Profit Private Social Assistance Entities (PEAS) 2013...
25/11/2014 - 
IBGE maps transportation infrastructure in Brazil
The spatial distribution of the transportation logistics in the Brazilian territory shows a prevalence...
21/11/2014 - 
Publishing Calendar - November 24 - 28
19/11/2014 - 
Unemployment rate was 4.7% in October
The unemployment rate in October was estimated at 4.7%, with no significant change in comparison with...
19/11/2014 - 
In November, IPCA-15 stays at 0.38%
The Extended National Consumer Price Index-15 (IPCA-15) changed 0.38% in November...
19/11/2014 - 
PAS 2012: Net operating revenue of services grows 8.3% and reaches R$ 1.1 trillion
In 2012, the Services sector generated R$ 1.1 trillion of net operating revenue, employed 12.0 million persons and paid...
18/11/2014 - 
Services revenue increased 6.4% in September
The services sector recorded nominal increase of 6.4% in September, compared with the figure of the same month a year ago...
17/11/2014 - 
IBGE maps climatic aggressiveness potential in the Legal Amazon
With data from 326 weather stations, collected for three years, besides information...

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