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National Index of Civil Construction changes by -5.12% in May

The National Index of Civil Construction (Sinapi), estimated by IBGE in partnership with CAIXA, posted a change of -5.12% in May, 5.81 percentage points below April’s rate (0.69%). The result of the month reflects the exemption in the payroll of civil construction enterprises, in force since April 1 this year. The exemption was regulated by the Provisional Measure no 601, of December 28 of 2012, concerning the calculation of social charges, which now does not include the 20% relative to social security contribution in the payroll.

As a result, considering the period from January to May, the cumulative change is at -3.42%, while in the same period of 2012 it was at 2.55%.  The result of the last twelve months moved to -0.47%, 6.07 percentage points below the 5.60% rate recorded in the prior twelve-month period.  In May 2012, the rate was 0.66%.

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The national cost of construction by square meter, which closed April at R$ 870.97, fell in May to R$ 826.34, being R$ 460.08 relative to material and R$ 366.26 to workforce.  

Material changed by 0.46%, and recorded increase of 0.38 percentage points in relation to the previous month (0.08%); workforce changed by -11.32%, and fell by 12.69 percentage points in relation to April (1.37%).  In the first five months of the year, the cumulative indexes were 1.39% (material) and -8.86% (workforce), whereas, in twelve months, they were 3.03% (material) and -4.55% (workforce).


North Region records biggest decrease in May:  -5.60%

The other results were: -5.50% (Central West), -5.20% (Northeast), -5.12% (South) and -4.87% (Southeast).

The highest regional costs by square meter are those of the Southeast (R$ 864.41), followed by: South (R$ 833.81), North (R$ 833.07), Central West (R$ 823.05) and Northeast (R$ 776.47).  

The South Region registered the biggest change in the last twelve months, reaching 1.89%.  


Paraíba (-1.29%) and Santa Catarina (-2.80%) recorded the smallest decreases

Due to the pressure exerted by the salary readjustment resulting from a collective agreement, Paraíba and Santa Catarina recorded the smallest decreases, with monthly rates of -1.29% and -2.80%.  Tocantins (-2.89%), Alagoas (-2.92%), Sergipe (-3.70%), Espírito Santo (-3.40%) and São Paulo (-3.86%) also had collective agreements, and that helped make up for the fall which followed the reduction of salary burden.  



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June 07, 2013

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