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New website IBGE Memory launches today


IBGE launches today, April 25, 2013, the new website of its Memory Network. The purpose of the website is to disseminate the work accomplished by IBGE´s servants related with institutional memory, thus facilitating public access to historical syntheses and surveys. The website is divided into four sections: Historical Syntheses, History of the State Units, Oral History and Publications. The IBGE Memory website can be accessed on


The Publications part includes the subseries Institutional Memory, comprising history-themed publications; Statistics of the 20th Century, work compiled and released in 2003 by IBGE, including a significant number of statistical information on the Brazilian reality along the last century; Brazil: 500 years of settlement, compiled as part of the 500 years anniversary of discovery of Brazil; the database Statistical Series & Historical Series, aimed at disseminating information produced by IBGE´s surveys as well as by other governmental sources; the four-volume work History of Brazilian Statistics, written by researcher Nelson Senra, a detailed research on the production of statistical information in Brazil; and the magazine 70 years of IBGE, a compilation of the commemorative events that took place in 2006.

The purpose of the History of the State Units of IBGE project is to bring together memories of servants who have worked or are still working in the 27 state units. It is a collaborative project that includes iconographic and documentary research, oral testimonies and texts, events, analyses, tributes, videos and other products for the dissemination of institutional memory. The aim is to stimulate the State Units servants to create their own memories, a fundamental step for the compilation of the Memory Network of IBGE.

The collection Oral History includes several testimonies of IBGE´s servants. As a starting point, the website presents ten 5-minute summaries of interviews. Two more interviews will be added every week. The complete file can be accessed through the IBGE Memory channel on YouTube on

The section Historical Syntheses allows the users to browse through a Timeline, which brings a summary of the history of IBGE. It includes texts and images in chronological order, highlighting the milestones of the Institute, like its foundation in 1936; the implementation of the first division of Brazil into five Major Regions in 1942; and the technological innovations introduced in the 2010 Population Census. It also includes the Gallery of Presidents, bringing together information about every President of IBGE, as well as Pioneers of IBGE, including biographies of the founders of the Institute.


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April 25, 2013

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