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08/09/2004 - 
National civil construction cost varied 1.07% in August
The Construction Price Index, calculated by the IBGE in partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal, varied 1.07% in August, increasing 0.13 percentage point compared to July (0.94%). This result remained close to the one registered in August 2003 (1.02%).
03/09/2004 - 
Publishing Calendar: September, 6 to 10
02/09/2004 - 
IBGE will carry out survey about sports in the country, the first one since the 1970's
The Minister of Sports, Agnelo Queiroz, and the IBGE President, Eduardo Pereira Nunes, announced today, September 02nd, at 10 o’clock, at the Esplanada dos Ministérios [Presidential Palace] in Brasília, the accomplishment of a survey directed to the sector of sports in the country ...
31/08/2004 - 
GDP increased 4.2% in the first semester of 2004
The Gross Domestic Product at market prices increased 4.2% in the first semester of 2004, in comparison to the same period of 2003.
30/08/2004 - 
Brazil has more than 180 million inhabitants
In 34 years, the Brazilian population almost doubled in comparison to the 90 million inhabitants of the 1970 decade and, only between 2000 and 2004, increased in 10 million people.
27/08/2004 - 
Investment in public works down between 1996 and 2002
Participation of construction for public entities in total value of public works recorded decline, and changed from 60.0% of the total, in 1996, to 52.4%, in 2002. Heavy Civil Construction, detailedly analyzed in this year's survey, also fell in terms of relevance, having changed from 51.4% of the overall value for works to 42.8% between 1996 and 2002.
27/08/2004 - 
Publishing Calendar: August, 30 to September, 3
26/08/2004 - 
New estimate for 2004 harvest is 119.5 million metric tons
The seventh IBGE estimate for the national harvest of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, based on July's data, indicated that the production may reach a volume of 119.479 million metric tons, in 2004. This total is 3.36% lower than the 2003 harvest (123.632 million metric tons). In comparison with June's estimate, which was 118.803 million metric tons, July's figures indicate increase of 0.57%.
26/08/2004 - 
People unoccupied rate in July was 11.2%
In July, the rate had the third consecutive drop, and the occupied population at the six areas surveyed increased by 179 thousand people. In relation to July 2003, actual average earnings (R$ 901.20) grew 2.0%, the first increase for such comparison, since March 2003.
24/08/2004 - 
IPCA-15 index for August presented 0.79% variance
The Consumption Price Index Amplified-15 (IPCA-15) presented 0.79% variance in August, lower than July, a month in which the rate, pressed by fuels, electrical energy, fixed telephone and food, reached 0.93%, the highest rate in the year. From January to August, the index accumulates a rate of 5.12% and 7.09% for the last twelve months.

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