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19/10/2004 - 
Commerce sales increase 7.53% in August
Sales of the sector increase for the ninth month in a row, but growth decelerates, accruing a high of 9.45% in the year and 5.83% in the last 12 months.
19/10/2004 - 
Employment grows for the fourth month in a row in August accruing a high of 2.6% since April
15/10/2004 - 
Industrial production continues to grow in all regions
15/10/2004 - 
Publishing Calendar: October, 18 to 22
14/10/2004 - 
The number of companies in the interior increases
11/10/2004 - 
Industrial Production increased for the sixth consecutive month
The industrial production increased 1.1% in August, compared to July, in the series free from seasonal influences. It was the sixth positive rate in this kind of comparison, which accumulated in this period 7.8% of expansion.
08/10/2004 - 
IPCA of September was 0.33% and accumulated rate of 5.49% in the year
The Extended Consumer Price Index - IPCA of September had change of 0.33% and dropped to less than a half (0.36 percentage point) compared to the rate of August, which was 0.69%. In September 2003, the rate was 0.78%.
08/10/2004 - 
Publishing Calendar: October, 11 to 15
06/10/2004 - 
National Construction Index registered a change of 0.69% in September
The National Index of Construction, calculated by IBGE by agreement with Caixa Econômica Federal, had change of 0.69% in September, dropping 0.38 percentage point in relation to August (1.07%).
01/10/2004 - 
Publishing Calendar: October, 4 to 8

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