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30/06/2017 - 
IBGE updates territorial areas of Brazilian states and municipalities
The IBGE releases today, June 30, 2017, the update of the territorial areas of the Brazilian states and municipalities...
30/06/2017 - 
IBGE releases WEB version of the Geographic Atlas of Brazil’s Coastal and Oceanic Zones
The IBGE releases today the WEB version of the Geographic Atlas of Brazil’s Oceanic and Coastal Zones.
30/06/2017 - 
108 municipalities with territory changes in 2016
In 2016, 108 Brazilian municipalities had their territories changed...
30/06/2017 - 
2016 Road and Waterway Links shows how Brazilian cities link each other through passenger transportation
The urban network of public intercity transportation in Brazil has 65,639 pairs of links...
29/06/2017 - 
IBGE presents new territory division based on regional connections
The Regional Division of Brazil into Immediate and Intermediate Geographic Areas 2017 presents a new regional scenario...
28/06/2017 - 
Producer Price Index (IPP) of May changes 0.12%
In May 2016, the prices of the general industry changed, on average, 0.12% when compared to the previous month's rate,...
28/06/2017 - 
IBGE releases up-to-date version of the National Digital Atlas of Brazil 2017
The National Digital Atlas of Brazil 2017 updates the sections "Brasil no mundo" (Brazil in the world)...
28/06/2017 - 
Annual Survey of Industry shows figures of the retraction of industry in 2015
The Annual Survey of Industry 2015 pictures an economic retraction against 2014...
28/06/2017 - 
PIA PRODUCT 2015: diesel fuel, beef, cars and petroleum are the top four of the country
Entre os 3.450 produtos investigados pela Pesquisa Industrial Anual – Produto do IBGE, os quatro principais geraram 9,9% da receita...
26/06/2017 - 
IBGE’s Consumer Expenditure Survey (POF) 2017/2018 starts today
A 12-month long survey that covers 75 thousand housing units in 1,900 municipalities...

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