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26/10/2016 - 
Book by IBGE shows changes in the production of social indicators
In order to contribute to the systematization of the production of social indicators,...
26/10/2016 - 
IBGE releases backward projection of the population from 2000 to 1980
The IBGE puts out today (10/26/2016) the backward projection of the Brazilian population from 2000 to 1980.
26/10/2016 - 
Producer Price Index of September at 0.47%
In September, the prices of the General Industry changed on average 0.47% in relation to August...
21/10/2016 - 
IPCA-15 stays at 0.19% in October
The Extended National Consumer Price Index-15 - IPCA-15 changed 0.19%...
21/10/2016 - 
Release Calendar - October 24 - 28
20/10/2016 - 
IBGE maps the origin of 49 certified products and services
The IBGE releases today (10/20/2016) the digital version of the Map of Brazilian Geographical Indications...
19/10/2016 - 
PIA Product 2014: diesel, iron, cars and gasoline, the four major industrial products in Brazil
In the ranking of the 3,441 products investigated by the IBGE´s Annual Survey of Industry - Product...
19/10/2016 - 
Services sector shrinks 1.6% in August
In August 2016, the volume of services dropped 1.6% when compared to July, in the seasonally adjusted series...
18/10/2016 - 
Retail sales change -0.6% in August
In August 2016, in the in the seasonally adjusted series, the retail trade of the country recorded changes of -0.6% in...
14/10/2016 - 
IBGE releases publication that analyses change in the Brazilian demographic pattern
The IBGE puts out today (10/06/2016) the book “Relações entre as alterações históricas na dinâmica demográfica Brasileira, políticas públicas e impactos futuros...

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